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The Best Personal Air Purifier in India 2019

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Air is one of the necessities of life, however, in the present times, clean air has become a luxury. Listed below are just some of the statistics related to air pollution or toxic air – the biggest environmental risk of early death.

  • According to WHO, air pollution is a “public health emergency” with more than 90% of the global population enduring toxic outdoor air. It is also estimated that 7 million people a year die prematurely due to exposure to pollution of the air worldwide.
  • As per a Greenpeace and AirVisual analysis report, 22 of the world’s 30 worst cities for air pollution are in India. This suggests that the dangers are much more imminent for the people living the megacities of India.
  •  According to a comprehensive new global survey, air pollution may be damaging every organ and virtually every cell in the human body. The research shows that it affects humans from the head to the toe as the ultrafine pollutants are carried to all parts of the body by the bloodstream.

Conditions like heart and lung damage are only the “tip of the iceberg” with air pollution having a lot more potential than this. Air pollution has also been linked to conditions affecting the brain like strokes, dementia and reduced intelligence. It also has an association with numerous cancers of the abdominal organs like the bladder and the gut along with having an adverse effect on the ageing of our skin and the quality of our bones. Reduced fertility, increased miscarriages and infant health problems are the other ways in which air pollution affects us badly.
The good news, however, is that the problem can be addressed and one can protect oneself from its ill-effects.

How to protect yourself from rising air pollution levels?

Researchers are making efforts every single day and coming up with products to make our lives easier. Since a majority of the air is polluted by humans, it is us only who have to change the situation for our people so that it doesn’t reach a point where we have to suffer because of our actions. In the coming times, we might find a solution that improves the air quality majorly. But until then, we will have to rely upon air purifiers for curbing the air pollution levels and improving the air around us.
Several pollutants get trapped in the air of our homes as they enter through open windows and doors. It is this harmful air that gets taken in by us. If we compare indoor and outdoor air quality levels, the indoor air quality proves to be even worse. The kids and the elderly, especially, are more vulnerable to this harmful indoor air. In order to solve the situation, using a personal air purifier seems to be the best bet.


Is it worth it to buy an air purifier?

The researchers behind inventing air purifiers understand that wearing a mask does not work in today’s times. Simultaneously, carrying an air purifier with you everywhere around is not feasible. But with a personal or travel air purifier by your side, you can breathe perfectly clean air anywhere 24/7.

Which air purifier is the best for me and my family?

Due to the ever rising air pollution levels, an air purifier has become one of the most important electrical appliances today. But how to decide which one to go for? The umpteen number of brands and models in the market are enough for us to confuse as to which one is the best for us.

We have an air purifier that just might meet the needs of everyone.

  • The polluted air causes irritation in the lungs, throat, nose and eyes. Also, cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks along with the cancer of the lung are on the rise, all because of the increasing pollution levels. Our rechargeable travel air purifier provides efficient purification and is capable of countering the pollution levels of your city well.
  • AirTamer® is an appliance which aims to make our lives easier by eliminating various harmful pollutants from the air. It is, without a doubt, the best air purifier for respiratory conditions like emphysema and asthma.
  • An AirTamer® starts purifying air in the first 30 seconds of the product usage* and has the ability to improve the air quality from hazardous to good in a matter of a few minutes. It filters 9X more pollutants than our closest competitor.
  • What sets the rechargeable air purifier apart from the others on the market is the way it purifies the air – with electrostatic purification. The ionic air purifier uses modern technology for purifying the air. A steady source of negatively charged ions is sent by the ionic generator. The device emits around 2 million ions per second and forms a protective, invisible bubble around your head. These, in turn, attract the already positively charged airborne dust, other debris and allergen particles.
  • Our best air purifier cleans air even better than HEPA filters which provide the most effective type of filtration. It successfully clears the air of atomic-sized airborne pollutants and harmful particles that traditional air purifiers leave behind.
  • The device is the only personal air purifier that has been lab tested to clean away viruses. We actually tested it with smoke in test labs since smoke particles are very small and represent a great test particle.
  • Produces less than 0.0001 ppm ozone and is not harmful for the human body, at all.

How to use the AirTamer® A310?

The AirTamer® A310 is extremely easy to use and a great travel air purifier that is rechargeable too. The only thing you need to do to install it is wear it around your neck and it will start working its magic. The further your face is away from the device, the fewer ions will reach your breathing space, so we recommend hanging it from your neck and using the lanyard to adjust the length, so the device is positioned in the upper part of your chest. You may also place it freely on your nightstand so that the air around your pillow is clean and free of pollutants.

  • Provides fast and powerful air purification by effectively creating a 3-foot sphere of cleaner breathing space around your head
  • Does not use any batteries and recharges via USB
  • Gives about 150 hours of battery life which is better than most bigger air purifiers
  • The filters require no replacement of any kind
  • Comes with a built-in lithium battery that can be charged after every use and indicator lights that blink ‘green’ during cleaning mode and ‘red’ during charging mode
  • The length of the breakaway lanyard can be adjusted for that extra convenience to the user
  • Ideal to be used while travelling on an airplane or any poor quality location for a cleaner air on-the-go because of its compact and attractive design

In the modern world, everyone needs to have an effective air purifier that works without any hassle - more so, as it is the cold and flu season right now.
For the amount of work it does, the AirTamer® A310 is quite affordable to buy at a price of INR 9,999. The product comes with a 1-year limited warranty and is exclusively available in India at GlobalKart.
So, do not waste your time thinking about the health of your loved ones. Rather, protect them now from the “silent killer” – air pollution by gifting them an AirTamer® A310.

*Based on Smoke Tests carried out in an actual test laboratory environment

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